Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Shop, shop shop until you drop!" Sound familiar?

How about "cha-ching-cha-ching-cha-ching, it's time for bling?"
Made that one up. Just checking to see whether or not you were paying attention.

Most times, a portion of my paycheck goes towards the sane or inane.
I simply can't resist temptation. Now I should mention that an overexaggerated version of the "Lord's Prayer" resonates through my mind when faced with a making a buying decision.
"...and lead ME not into temptation." Given my Catholic core, guilt-free is not one of my strong points. 

"Jewelry, antiques, eclectic decor.
Collectibles, clothing, DVDs, more!
Random journey to NYC?
Concerts, entertainment, that's for me!
Internet shopping- so very slick,
Just try Amazon and buy with "1-click!"

Deep inhale in, exhale out, calm down and BREATHE. Much better now.
Granted I'm not as impossible as I used to be thanks to some wise words, compliments of Bette,
my beautiful mom. "Hail Bette, full of Grace"- there I go again!

Mom is 80 - a very kind, helpful, honest, generous, hard-working woman, enhanced with a dry sense of humor. She possesses an uncanny Gift for financial management and always seems to have cash-on-hand. My sister and I are in a constant state of awe as to HOW she magically materializes it.
Counterfeiting? Gambling? Extortion? Pole Dancing? Definitely NOT her speed.

Once in a conversation I had with her years ago, she told me that the key to saving is to look at that potential "something" and simply say to yourself,

"Want or need?"

It did strike me as a laughable piece of advice, yet found myself practicing it.
Certainly at times, I've said "need to want". Some FUN every once in a while isn't a bad thing in my biography, but all in all mom's advice has worked over the years. God Bless Bette!

Remember her words my friends, and while visiting a store you might just show a little shelf control.